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Your floors take a lot of traffic, and as time goes by, they need the proper care to last longer. Let the professionals handle it.

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Flooring services

Kitchen Flooring Fresno is your one-stop shop for flooring repairs and installation with some of the different floorings available in the market. Our craftsmen are professionals, count on us that you will receive the best service with the highest standards. You can rely on us for your flooring projects.

Tile installation and repairs

Here at Kitchen Flooring Fresno, we can take care of tear-outs, and we do grout cleaning. As we all know, tiles are ideal in the kitchen, basement, laundry area, and bathroom. Wherever there is moisture, tiles can surely take it. Some challenges homeowners face are the following; lack of maintenance and time. With damaged tiles, we can repair or replace them depending on the extent of the damage.

Laminate floor installation and repairs

We have at least ten years of experience when it comes to floor installation and repairs. There are limits when it comes to laminate floor durability; once scratched, depending on the damage, we will assess the status of your laminate floor. If your laminate floor can be repaired, we always have a laminate floor repairing kit just in case. But if you’re laminate floor is damaged beyond repair, we’ll suggest having it replaced.

Wood installation and repairs

Do you have pets that run around on your wood flooring? How about constantly moving your furniture? These two scenarios can bring damage to wood floors. Though wood floors are durable, they are susceptible to scratches and water. Doing wood refinishing on your own to fix the damage may seem a good idea, but on the contrary, it’s a bad idea. Refinishing wood takes a lot of skill and experience, and you need to refinish the wood floor without going against the grain. Let Kitchen Flooring Fresno do the repairs and installations.

Vinyl floor installation and repair

Vinyl floors come in either sheet or plank; whatever shape or form they are, Kitchen Flooring Fresno can easily install them for you. Kitchen Install Fresno can install your vinyl flooring anywhere in your home. We’ll take care of the subflooring, floor trimming, and finishing touches.

The floor installation process

The process is straightforward, and we will start with the floor selections. You can choose from our floor selections, but remember your the type of floor will depend on your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ll help you out with the floor that fits your budget. Once the floor selection process is finished, we will head on to the floor measurements. You can give us your floor measurements by phone or personally. You don’t need to worry about estimation fees, and it’s free. Depending on the type of floor you want to install, the floor preparations are different. Once the floor installation is complete, Kitchen Remodel Fresno will give you some tips for cleaning and maintenance so your floors may last longer. Remember, all floors are different, and so is the maintenance.

Kitchen Flooring Fresno CA

The bottom line
Floors take up various damage from all sorts of elements. Taking care of floors takes a lot of effort to ensure they last a lifetime. A floor that is in good condition can increase the resale of a house. There is no such thing as a perfect floor, and please keep in mind the cleaning and maintenance.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM

Address: 3727 N Hughes Ave, Fresno, CA 93705, USA

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