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You paid for quality, so don't cut standards when it comes to having your cabinets painted. Our service provides high-quality cabinets that will impress your visitors with a pristine look.

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Painting Work from a Professional

Looking around your kitchen, you may realize that you're bored of the same outdated cabinets that have been staring right at you for years. Wouldn't it be good to give them a makeover with new paint? Paint covers blemishes, including scratches in the finish of your wood cabinets and locations where the coating has worn thin due to cleaning or wiping.

As you can complete this job yourself, we are confident hiring Kitchen Paint Fresno to manage the painting and succeed in making your kitchen feel amazing. The service will save you time and additional costs. Below are the answers to why you should avoid the disappointment that could result from a DIY project in this case.

It is not just a weekend task.

It may appear that spraying a few layers of paint over your good condition cabinet will be fast and easy, but what if it is no longer in good shape? Before you start the work, you must first prep and prime all of the sections, which means removing all of the doors, drawers, and hardware. Professionals strongly recommend that you set aside at least four to seven days to prepare and dry your Kitchen Equipment Fresno before you begin properly and that you allow extra time for each coat to dry.

Extensive planning is required.

Not just to remove all of the cabinets from the base, but you must also vigorously scrub, sand, and prime the cabinets. Each step adds value to the strongest quality adhesion between your cabinets and your new paint, so it's a must.

It requires to be organized from start to finish.

Imagine disassembling all of your cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. Doing painting works and drying everything, and then putting everything back together only to discover that you're missing a few critical screws or that your cabinets don't match quite right.

Spray painting is not an option.

Spray painting your kitchen cabinets isn't an ideal solution unless you're prepared to accept potential runs and thin flaws in the paint where the wood can tear through. Overspray is also a major issue unless you're working outside or on a worktable in your garage.

There is no turning back.

Once you are done with your cabinets painting work, you can't go back to the wood without going through a lengthy and laborious sanding process and stripping the wood, refinishing it, and more. You should be definitely sure these things look good. This is where Kitchen Paint Fresno excels; Kitchen Remodel Fresno can take a look at your kitchen and offer a good suggestion of whether or not it will match up with your overall design. We are also prepared to show you pictures of completed projects.

Kitchen Paint Fresno CA

Bottom Line
As you can see, attempting to paint your cabinets can lead to a lot of frustration. Call Kitchen Paint Fresno instead, and we will schedule right away to come and pay attention to the details of the job that needs to be done. Our service provides you with professional and stunning kitchen cabinets that are even worth the price. Call us now to assist you better.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM

Address: 3727 N Hughes Ave, Fresno, CA 93705, USA

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